Job offer: post-doctoral fellow "Coronavirus and the cell: dyplomatic bag"

We are looking for a highly motivated person to participate as a post-doctoral fellow within scientific project at the Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology / Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology, Jagiellonian University.
a) Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland
b) BSL3 Laboratory of Virology, Malopolska Center for Biotechnology, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland
Supervisor: Krzysztof Pyrc, PhD, DSc
Application deadline: 31st of January 2015
Expected start date: February/March 2015
Duration: This is a 2-year contract with possible 1.5 year extension.
Financials: to be discussed
Summary: The main goal of the project is to identify and characterize route of entry of human coronaviruses, including species associated with relatively mild disease (HCoV-NL63 and HCoV-HKU1) and highly pathogenic coronaviruses (SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV). Human coronaviruses cause primarily infections of human respiratory tract, replicating in the respiratory tract epithelium, thus in order to appropriately study the subject, the research will be carried on using fully differentiated human airway epithelium – the three-dimensional ex vivo model that mimics the natural infection environment. Our laboratory offers a wide range of research tools that allow us to analyze virus entry process (i.e., development of human airway epithelium cultures, chemical inhibitors, siRNAs, real-time PCR, confocal microscopy and electron microscopy, biochemical and molecular biology methods).
We are looking for highly motivated candidates with a strong background in molecular and cell biology and biochemistry. 
A suitable applicant should have the following qualifications / skills:
  • PhD in biological sciences or the statement signed by the supervisor that the candidate will defend his thesis before the end of 2015.
  • Experience in scientific research documented with scientific publications and participation in international conferences.
  • Academic background in cell biology, molecular biology, genetics.
  • Good organizational skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Good knowledge in English
  • Strong interest in science
How to apply
Please, send your:
  • CV
  • Publication list
  • Photo
  • Contact details of potential referees
All documents should be sent as pdf files. The e-mail heading should be: „Coronavirus and the cell: dyplomatic bag"
Please, provide also the statement that you grant us a permission to process your personal details for the recruitment process: "Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie moich danych osobowych zawartych w zgłoszeniu dla potrzeb rekrutacji, zgodnie z ustawa z dnia 29 sierpnia 1997 roku o ochronie danych osobowych. (Dz. U. z 2002 r. Nr 101, poz. 926 z późn. zm.)" 
Published Date: 15.12.2014
Published by: Krzysztof Pyrć